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Digital Media 365 is a Marketing company in Miami, which areas of expertize are SEO, SEM, search engine positioning, micro-segmenting, communication and inbound strategies.

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Film and Video content

The contents from films and videos are the main resource of the contemporary marketing. The motion picture has a powerful appeal when generating commitment between the people and the brands or products.

Film and Video content

"Documentary” as Inbound content.

The seductive image

Photography, design and images in general are contemporary media’s tools of communication. Our users are exposed to thousands of impacts a day. That our impacts stand out depends on us using the communication tools.

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Arte Mundo Latino TVShow

(Cultural Marketing)

The cultural contents have the ability of hooking and engaging our audiences because of their capacity for generating value. These are ideal contents to create marketing inbound strategies.

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TV Content.

(Outbound marketing)

Even though Television is in obvious decay, there’s specific audience that, given their particular characteristics, has to be reached through this type of media. For whom they are very effective.


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Music Videos
(The masters of conetion)

The video clip or music video is a viral communication tool, because it tackles emotion directly, that same emotion that allows us to enjoy the musical stimulus linked to the story that it’s being told.

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Content is King and conversation, the Queen
- Fermin Fleites, Director